Leadsensationz – Platinum (DFY Theme + 350 Videos) OTO 2 By Han Fan Review – An Important Message Before You Get Started…

Leadsensationz – Platinum (DFY Theme + 350 Videos) OTO 2 By Han Fan Review – An Important Message Before You Get Started…

Leadsensationz is a brand new software that gives you the power to analyze any business and their website and provide detailed information on how they can improve for better site traffic and function. Leadsensationz software will searches any area you input for a particular niche and list all business establishments with their website and contact information. The user can then generate and html analysis of the business’s website and initiate a contact with the business establishment for a proposal on how to improve their site and in turn improve online presence. Along with thousands of business in your area which desperately need help with SEO, sites. content and social media, and so on there has never been a much better time to dive into this particular golden opportunity. If you are fed up with creating products. afiiliate advertising ecommerce Amazon, blogging. and other kinds of money making methods, becoming a nearby marketing consultant could be the ideal solution for you. Leadsensationz will help you much by finding customers who desperately need your assist. This software was made with functionalities that can be understood as well as used by anyone without any problems. Anyone can fire in the software and start using it in order to earn the profit as well as grow their business.

Did you know that local marketing consultants can make between $40,000 to $100,000 per year working part time? And with thousands of businesses in your area that desperately need help with SEO, websites, content and social media… there has never been a better time to dive into this golden opportunity. If you’re tired of trying to create products, affiliate marketing, ecommerce, Amazon, blogging — and all the other make money methods that just aren’t bringing in the cold hard cash you need right now… then becoming a local marketing consultant could be the perfect solution for you. What if I told you that it’s possible to rake in paychecks from local clients anywhere from $250, $500 or even $1200 for a few hours of work? And better yet — what if you can do this without any experience, and without cold calling, running ads, writing content or networking…? Then stop what you’re doing, close the door and watch the video below to see how…

===Check out Leadsensationz – Platinum (DFY Theme + 350 Videos) OTO 2 following Bonus You’ll Get===

Leadsensationz – Platinum (DFY Theme + 350 Videos) OTO 2 By Han Fan

Leadsensationz – Main By Han Fan

Leadsensationz – Main By Han Fan

And that’s not all. We’re also giving you the chance to grab… A Complete Set Of “Done For You” Local Marketing Videos That You Can Sell To Clients For Big Bucks! Let’s face it — videos are HOT. And guess what? Your clients NEED videos for their business right now.

What if you had 350 done—for—you, readymade videos that you could instantly sell to your clients, for them to use on their website, in their emails, on their YouTube channels, or in their Facebook ads?

I’m talking about videos that are 100% your own — and will put 100% profit in your pocket on every sale. And without creating anything from scratch.

  • Over 150 350 Done-For-You Videos – You’ll be getting instant access to over 350 ready-made-video spread across more than a dozen of the hottest niches that you can download in ONE-CLICK and sell for over $500-$1000. Or Rank them and generate MASSIVE leads or affiliate commissions in these niches.
  • Over 150 Script Templates – You’ll also be getting access to ALL the scripts that we used for our videos. This will allow you to customize and create your own videos without spending the time and money to hire a video script copywriter.
  • Over 150 Voice Over Templates – Want to use our voice over voices but want to tweak the visuals? Download the voiceovers in just ONE click and customize your visuals however you’d like!
  • HD Video Ready – Every single video and audio track is ready to be exported in FULL HD format. This means export in 1080 HD quality. We do NOT play around with the quality we shoot in. These were all created with the BEST cameras and microphones in a professional studio.
  • Full Editable Options – You can customize each template as much or as little as you’d like. Either way you can rest assured you’ll be making some AMAZING videos. Use our full videos as-is OR customize them with the script and voice over templates.

Upgrade To LeadSensationz Pro And You Can…

  • Automatically generate a Website Analysis Report, complete with call to action buttons – to explain problems, build trust, offer tips, provide a clear call to action and win more clients.
  • Shortlist hot prospects for easy follow up – Perfect for organizing your prospects, and keeping you super focused on specific clients to contact.
  • See how your prospects are responding – Detailed stats show how prospects interact with your analysis report, and allow you to segregate clients into cold, warm or hot lists, so you can focus on clients who want your help the most!

Leadsensationz Works in 4 Easy Steps…

  • Step 1: Research – Find any business establishment in a particular area
  • Step 2: Analysis – Website analysis is done for each business on the research result
  • Step 3: Report – Generate detailed website analysis and improvement areas
  • Step 4: Contact – Use Leadsensationz’s email swipes and initiate contact

Leadsensationz – Main By Han Fan Features:

Leadsensationz was designed with functionalities that can be understood and used by anyone without any issues. Anyone can fire up the software and start using it to earn profit and grow their business.

  • Professional and Easy to Use Layout – Leadsensationz’s interface was designed professionally and using minimal approach which in turn gives user better understanding of each function incorporated in the system. From dashboard layout to search lists and website analysis each page and section was presented in a way that you get more data at a glance rather than spend more time navigating and getting the information you need.
  • Tailored for Your Location – Leadsensationz present you with search results and data based on the location you input. All possible business establishments for a niche you search on a particular area will show up on the search result. The software can be used on any country or any part of the world with no problem.
  • Effective Email Swipes – Leadsensationz comes with effective email swipes professionally written that you can use on sending detailed html analysis for your prospected clients. Guaranteed to help you get the deal and get your business proposal across.
  • Detailed Website Analysis – The analysis result of the website gives you detailed information and points where your site is doing well and areas where it lacks functionality. It also provides recommendations about the site on the things that can be undertaken to improve it.

LeadSensationz help you can find clients who need your help and start closing sales like clockwork:

  • Search by keyword to find specific businesses you want to target
  • Search by location to target clients in specific areas
  • Filter results to show businesses that don’t have a WordPress website, don’t have a responsive website, or have a slow website!
  • See exactly what clients need help with, before you even contact them!

It looks like: This client has no WordPress website, non-responsive website and a slow website which makes them a PERFECT prospect for your services. You’ll be SHOCKED when you see how many businesses don’t have a Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest profile! Just look at all these easy pickings

LeadSensationz uncover and close hungry clients who want and NEED your internet marketing services in 2 simple steps

  • STEP 1 – Search – Enter a keyword and location to instantly uncover thousands of local business owners who desperately need your help.
  • Find businesses who don’t have social media accounts, have slow loading websites, don’t have WordPress, don’t have mobile optimized websites, or don’t even have a website at all!
  • STEP 2 – Contact – Click a button to instantly email each client, showing them how they could improve their website, SEO, social media — along with an offer for your services.

Leadsensationz – Main By Han Fan

Leadsensationz – Main By Han Fan


“I really love this application Han, particularly when you use the long tail keywords. It drills down and gets very specific and gives the absolute lead that you are seeking. This is particularly important for local marketing as well as broad searching. Really looking forward to fully implementing the application. You are batting a thousand Han. You have never under delivered in the years I have known you. On behalf of the many satisfied customers you have helped. Thank you again for your awesome products and genuine support.” John Ramos (Digital Gold Branding)

“LeadSensationz is a fantastic software for offline marketers. It’s tool for finding leads is unmatched by any software I’ve ever used. It is also great for segregating prospects to find the perfect matches for your services. I was also able to generate website analysis for prospects giving me the tools that land clients, as you are able to point out problems they have and offer them a fix, which is great for getting your foot in the door. I can tell that a lot of thought was put into this software and if used properly, which Han will guide you through, it can take your marketing to a whole new level and help you to prosper.

The statistics that the dashboard give you, will make you a marketing genius in the eyes of your prospects. Even though this is easy to follow, what you get out of it is so valuable in finding and landing the best possible clients.” Morris ‘Murph’ Murphy

Leadsensationz is very very professional product and best choice for you. With Leadsensationz, You’ll finally be able to scoop up red hot, highly targeted clients for free, and best of all totally hands – free! Without cold calling, spending money on ads, constantly hustling, or churning out content every day. You’ll save so much time, money and stress, you’ll start to feel excited about waking up each morning to new clients, and a consultancy you actually ENJOY! Leadsensationz protected with 30 days 100% money back GUARANTEE. Grab Leadsensationz Now!

===Check out Leadsensationz – Platinum (DFY Theme + 350 Videos) OTO 2 following Bonus You’ll Get===

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